About Us

Talking about Birinit is talking about our own story. It is talking about the story of Sara and Anita: designers, businesswomen, mothers, and friends. As designers we had an idea: to create unique prints from artisanal processes, producing locally and getting away from the temporality in the fashion. As businesswomen, we had a dream: to create a project that combines exclusivity, quality, and style. As mothers, the will to create a refuge where we remember what we use to be, express what we are now, and inspire what our little ones will become tomorrow. And, as friends, the excitement of working side by side with someone who drives you, enriches you, challenges you, and makes you a better person.

Birinit is our story, of course, but also the story of many other women. Women who strive to make every day unique and manage to keep the beautiful patterns of the past in the present.

Today our designs are growing up and traveling around the globe. But the most exciting thing is moving forward without losing the essence with which we started on this adventure. Because, even when everything changes, the authentic, the true, always remains with us.

This is how we design Birinit

We take care of our garments. From our first idea that we draw the first sketch until they arrive sewn from the workshop. Our fabrics design is unique and exclusive, so if you like them you will only find them here. All our garments are made in Spain with 100% of cotton.

We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do!